Thirdphase 1.7

This page will change in time but for now I'm lazy and busy.
example config:

More example configs
Camino Nightly Trunk
WebKit Nightly
Firefox Mac Nightly Trunk

Usage: thirdphase [options] product_list
     a config file name located in ~/.thirdphase/config
     c - cleanup the downloads folder
     d - download only (No decompression or installation)
     D - Don't run the app once installed
     f - force download (this option will not backup your current app)
     i - set a personal install path (defaults are set in config files)
     enter a empty string to return to default
     I - install a config file to ~/.nightly/config/
     h - help (this message)
     l - list settings for a config
     L - list all installed configs
     p - Ignore if a product's download has been marked problematic
     q - quiet thirdphase's output
     r - revert to backup (should be used without any other options)
     t - Edit the config file of the given product
     R - if your sever supports resume offset downloading use this option
     v - version

thirdphase -DR camino firefox webkit      #Check for a list of installed products
thirdphase -r camino          #Revert camino from a backup

For more information on releases/changes (for now)